Congratulations, graduates!

A bright future awaits. Throughout our community, young adults are experiencing a milestone — they’re about to begin their first post-high school summer. It’s a moment that deserves celebration — a cap on 12 years of hard work and accomplishment. Even if you’re like me and the high school years have been in the rearview…

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A Legacy of Service

A Legacy of Service Connecting a rural community such as ours to the world has never been easy. Decades ago, crews first strung telephone lines across a landscape that large nationwide companies chose to ignore, deeming the places we call home too rural and unworthy of the effort. Naturally, we never felt that way. After…

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Equipping and Enabling Vibrant Rural Communities

Equipping and Enabling Vibrant Rural Communities As you may remember, I urged everyone to participate in the 2020 census. The population counts go a long way in determining our representation in Congress and the statehouse, as well as funding for state and federal programs. According to the 2020 census website,, the census will shape…

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Streaming TV in 2021

Resolve to Master Streaming TV in 2021 Each year at this time, I usually find myself looking ahead at all of the promise of the new year. Many of us will consider resolutions we can make to improve ourselves as the calendar turns to 2021. That’s why I have a suggested resolution for many of…

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Thank you to ‘the helpers’

children watching television at home

When times are tough, it’s probably a good time to go back to one of America’s most respected and revered voices: Mr. Rogers. And, let’s face it. We’ve had some tough times in 2020. I’m not even exactly sure what to call Fred Rogers. He was more than a TV personality. To multiple generations of…

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Bringing people together when we have to be apart

computer screen video call technology

The farmers, businesspeople and other residents who founded our cooperative knew technology could help them keep in touch with others near and far. For decades, technology has helped them create and maintain these essential human connections. Building our phone network connected the people of our communities like never before. Today, I think those founding members…

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